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M I L A N  D E S I G N  W E E K  2024






With over 30,000 visitors, the Red Dot “Best of the Best” awarded GROHE SPA installation at the Pinacoteca di Brera left a lasting impression on Milan Design Week 2023. Building on this success, GROHE is returning this year with a new immersive experience in one of Milan’s most prestigious locations: the Palazzo Reale. From April 16-21, the courtyard of the former royal palace near the Duomo itself will undergo a metamorphosis into an exhibition space: Conceived by the in-house LIXIL Global Design and Brand Identity team, the installation pays tribute to the history of the building by evoking its past and interweaving it with the contemporary GROHE SPA "Salus per aquam" (latin for "Health through Water") concept.

“Inspired by the former courtyard garden and in line with the motto of the Fuorisalone ‘Materia Natura’, we are aiming to blend nature and architecture to create a sensory journey focusing on the element of water. Visitors will be taken through our innovative concept of ‘Aquatecture’ spaces, experiencing the essence of our brand and our carefully curated bathroom solutions. We intend to elevate the significance and importance of water in architecture and the health and well-being benefits this infusion can bring. Each ‘Aquatecture’ represents one of the four tiers that bring GROHE SPA to life. From tier one the most exclusive and customizable solution utilizing 3D metal-printing to create bespoke 1 of 1 designs, to luxury material collaborations and trend setting colors, materials and finishes,” explains Patrick Speck, Leader, LIXIL Global Design EMENA.





GROHE SPA Aqua Talks | Unveiling the Fusion of Water and Architecture


Join us in the Palazzo Reale courtyard for our GROHE SPA “Aqua Talks”, a captivating series of discussions, where renowned architects, and leading designers, converge to explore the interplay between water, architecture, and well-being. 


Mind, Body, and Soul: We explore the transformative power of architecture and built environments that foster reflection, revitalization and energization, creating tailored spaces that cater to individual preferences. We reflect on the trends and ideas behind the creation of bespoke spaces, that offer complete multi-sensory experiences, for those that seek indulgent and sensual moments to unwind and revitalise.


  • Jean-Jacques L'Henaff | Leader, LIXIL Global Design, LIXIL Americas
  • César Giraldo | Founder César Giraldo Design


 AquaTalk Tuesday speakers 


Redefining Luxury


With the increased focus on luxuriously bespoke experiences, the concept of “luxury” is evolving.

What defines luxury in today’s landscape and how will the sector respond to shifting consumer dynamics, technological advancements, and global trends? In conversation, we shine a light on the influence of luxury on design and the importance of emotional and cultural components.  


  • Steve Leung | Founder Steve Leung Design Group
  • Paul Flowers | Chief Design and Brand Officer, and Executive Vice President, LIXIL



AquaTalk Wednesday speakers



Exploring the role of regenerative architecture and how built environments can serve as catalysts for well-being. An open discussion on biophilic design, projects that exemplify it and the future evolution of holistic well-being in buildings.


  • Patrick Speck | Leader, LIXIL Global Design, LIXIL EMENA
  • Daniela Baldo | Founding Partner Studio Marco Piva
  • Tina Norden | Partner Conran & Partners 


AquaTalk Friday speakers





PALAZZO REALE_ MIlan design week 2024

Photography credit: Lorenzo Pennati